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 2018-2019 SCHEDULE 

Tesoro PTSA provides a service where parents have a place and time to connect with one  another while getting the  latest  updates  on topics around the college admissions process. Our goal is to create a dynamic support group where parents  have an outlet  to  share resources, feel "normal", and get heard. Gosh, we sound like our teens, but we have issues too!

Each month we will educate you on one topic supported by the latest  research  and/or  articles from  credible sources  so you  can learn something new and keep information current for you and your teen/s. So no more  of  this  "he  said,  she  said"  talk!  Presentations range from 20-40 minutes followed by a facilitated group discussion - sometimes on topic and other times off.Type your paragraph here.

No registration required but you must sign in at the front desk and get a visitors pass.

 7-8 pm  9/12/18 Library Convincing Teens Why Courses & Grades Matter
 9-10 am     10/3/18      Guidance Conference Room       Understanding All Those College Entrance Exams
 7-8 pm 11/14/18  Library Differences Between Freshman & Transfer Admissions 
 9-10 am 12/12/18  Guidance Conference Room
 Talking About Majors & Professions to Teens
 7-8 pm  1/16/19 Library
 Demonstrate Interest: Connecting applicant with college    
 9-10 am  2/13/19 Guidance Conference Room
 College Affordability: Aid and Scholarships
 7-8 pm  3/13/19 Library Fit Happens (Developing the College List)
 9-10 am  4/10/19 Guidance Conference Room
 Summer Transition for ALL Grades

About the parent facilitator:

Sonja Montiel is a parent of a Tesoro senior (OMG!!) and a third grader (cute). She comes with over 19 years of college admissions experience from all sides of the desk: college admissions, high school counselor, and private consulting. She's helped families understand both the freshman  & transfer admission  process worldwide.

If there is anything she  has learned:

We get so caught up in the anxiety of getting accepted that we forget to acknowledge that there is something exciting about students earning the decision to apply and attend college. Instead of being a burden, we must bring back the joy of adventure that belongs to this process! Oh and working with teenagers is really, really hard sometimes.

Especially when you are a parent of one or more...  (Am I right?)

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