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Home of the Titans
Tesoro High School

August 2021 

On behalf of the Tesoro High School PTSA Board and Committees, I would like to welcome you to our school.  To all new students and parents, welcome to the Titan Family, this is an important time in your student’s life and we are honored to be a part of it. To those returning, we are so happy to have you back. Last school year brought about many changes and transitions, and as we continue on this journey, PTSA is here to support our Titan families and students.  

The main goal of our PTSA is to support programs and events that will enrich and enhance our children’s lives and educational experience.  The money raised through our Membership, donations, and Student Store will go directly back to our school and students via school/teacher grants, library books, library technology improvements, student scholarships, student educational programs and staff/student appreciation activities. Your support will help us continue to provide these much-needed resources to our school and students. We hope you will join us and become members of one of the largest children’s education advocacy organizations. 

Our first PTSA Association meeting will be on September 14th at 9:00am in the Tesoro Teachers Lounge Cafeteria, Second Floor. Our PTSA meetings will offer you an opportunity to find out what is going on at our school and district. We invite you to please join us. Look for updates on our website www.tesoroptsa.org.  

This school year will require a lot of patience and flexibility on all our parts and, as Titans, I am sure we will do this with Wisdom, Strength, and Honor.    

Kerry Shaughnessey 
President-Tesoro High School PTSA 

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