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Tesoro High School

Dear Families and Staff:

I would like to introduce myself as the Special Education parent representative for Tesoro. My duties will be to attend monthly CAC meetings, share information with our school community, and help support and connect all parents of students who are on an Individual Education Plan (IEP), a 504, are going through the assessment process, or just have concerns about their child’s learning.

To join this committee, or just to connect, please feel free to contact me, Rachel Meltzer, via text 516-721-2727 or email rachel@meltzerteam.com 

Community Advisory Committee (CAC) - The CAC is a collaborative partnership of parents, educators, and community members that serve as resources for Special Education. The CAC meets every month at the district office and is open to all parents and guardians to attend. Hear directly from our Student Support Services/Special Education administration about updates to special education in CUSD and hear from guest speakers on relevant special education topics. I also partner with (insert name of school) PTA to represent your needs at the CAC district meetings.

For the CAC meeting schedule please visit: https://sped-capousd-ca.schoolloop.com/cac. The CAC is also streaming every monthly meeting online via Facebook Live! If you are interested in attending a CAC meeting, but are unable to attend in person at the District Office, you can follow CAC on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/CapoCAC/ and “attend” the meeting or watch a recording at another time. If you would like to be added to the CAC email newsletter contact capocac@gmail.com

Additional Resources

Student Support Services (S3) - The Student Support Services department offers resources for families with children on an IEP, 504, starting the assessment process, or with concerns about their child’s learning. Student Support Services exists as an organized team to provide specialized service, support, and knowledge to students with special needs, their parents, the community, and staff. Families can also access our recently updated SPED Procedural handbook Parent Guide on information regarding assessments, placement, programming and many other important topics by visiting: https://bit.ly/2Ee9xhF.

Family Resource Center - The CUSD Family Resource Center is located at the District Office in the main lobby and online. Resources include literacy, dyslexia, mental health needs, anxiety, post-secondary options, nutrition, and more! You can access the Online Resource Center from the CUSD Student Support Services website: http://sped-capousd-ca.schoolloop.com/frc. You can also access the Online Resource Center from our school website homepage. Just find the “Family Resource Center Tree” that acts as a ‘button’ and click on it to take you directly to the online center:

CAC Chair: Rachel Sutherland, capocac@gmail.com

Rachel Meltzer